Thursday, July 30, 2015

Quirky Urban Girl Knits

So it's been a while... a long long long long long while, since I have put together a blog post. I guess I have been busy. (not really) The truth is I have been lazy. Too lazy to think about blogging about anything. I have been busy doing nothing! But have I been doing nothing?

I have been busy, really I have! I have a new obsession, Knitting. What is more Quirky than an urban girl in her late 40s knitting? I am obsessed! It is my first hobby that I spend money on almost every week! It is useful and great for gifts... that's what I keep telling myself at least.
Seed Stitch Hat

My favorite hat pattern 
It's fun, it's practical and well, Quirky.  There is a whole knitting culture that I had no idea even existed. It's so fun.
 Ailen Illusion Scarf
Be prepared for more fun posts my knew little hobby! Consider this little post a preview!

Stay Quirky My Friends