Sunday, October 9, 2016

WTH is a MKAL?

What the heck is a MKAL? 
That is a great question and I trust that all of you want to know.
Wait for it...
It is a Mystery Knit Along. Okay so that may not have answered your question. 
There is this wonderful online knitting community called Ravelry . If you are a knitter or crocheter or a fiber artist of any kind you should click on that link. You can find friends, learn new things, find free patterns, purchase patterns, and just have lots of fun! There are groups that you can join that have folks on them that like the same things that you do. 
One of those groups is called  Periscoping Sisters they also host a podcast on YouTube
They hosted the 3 Peas in a Pod MKAL 
Every week they beginning September 9 they would send a clue to the pattern. They also sent out a project page so you would know exactly what you needed to cast on.
This is a truly fun way to knit because, I know for me, when I look at a pattern I think there is no way that I can do that. When you get a clue you just follow the words and bam! you have a shawl. 
Now how does all this work?
First up pick your yarn.
I chose yarn from my stash. The exact yarn as well as notes are on my project page (you may need to be a member to view my page) 
Then the wait. I had to wait for the first clue.... And then the day came!
I began the MKAL
I finished the clue almost in time for the next. 
and then the final clue. It was so fun and quite a motivation to be a monogamous knitter.
I added the blue stripes because I wanted a bit more contrast.
Added the lace section
And Done! Well almost had to do a picot bind off!
I finished it in the park. So happy for cooler Phoenix weather.

Now it was time for blocking, with a little feline help of course!
I am so in love with the finished product. 

My favorite part of a mystery KAL is the fact that I have no idea what I am going to be knitting. I cannot look at the pattern and say "Oh I can't do that yet. I don't have the skill." I just knit and follow the directions. No preconceived idea that "I can't do it"
It is a great way to challenge your skill and teach yourself!

Again a big shout out to the Periscoping Sisters for hosting this KAL and for creating this beautiful pattern. 
Give it a try!

As always,
Stay Quirky my Friends