Tuesday, March 11, 2014


So I received an Easy Sprout back in August for my birthday and for whatever reason I was resistant on using it.  I finally decided to dust it off and give it a try.  I had forgotten the instructions that my friend had given me so I went on a YouTube adventure and this is what I found.

It does a great job explaining how the process of sprouting works.  After watching it I thought okay I can do this.  So here goes nothing.
Day 1 3 Tablespoons spicy broccoli mix
Time to soak
After soaking I did the human salad spinner thing that he showed on the video twice a day or "12 hours later" just like the video 
Day 3 and again with the spin 
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6. 
Time to eat these bad boys. I tasted them and they were peppery tasting they did have radish and arugula in them but I really did not think about that when I tossed them into my Ninja for my morning smoothie. Um, yeah let's just say that radish and arugula sprouts are NOT tasty in a smoothie AT ALL just don't do it.  Yuck!  I choked it down anyway because of the protein powder but NEVER again!!!
The next day I put them on a turkey burger and the result was much , much more palatable!  In fact, quite tasty,  I love them now!  I even bought more seeds to sprout and am looking forward to eating these little protein power packed bad boys!

Sprouts are so good for you and are packed wit enzymes, fiber and protein.  You should give it a try!
Click here for a great deal on 1lb of seeds and an Easy Sprout both for $12.95 + shipping. (this is where I got my seeds from.)

So go ahead and give it a try!  Your body will thank you for the healthy fresh food!

(PS I do not work for or get paid by Sprout House if you choose to buy your sprouts from Sprout House.  They just sell good quality organic sprout seeds and I wanted to pass that information along to you.)

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