Sunday, March 16, 2014

Roadrunners & Rattlesnakes

It was a balmy 79 here in the Sonoran Desert so off I set out on a little hike in my backyard AKA Dreamy Draw Park.  I love living here!  I am close to a huge mountain preserve called The Phoenix Mountains.  Two parks are attached to it Piestewa peak & Dreamy Draw.  Urban hiking at it's finest.  We are lucky like there here in Phoenix.  I didn't see any Roadrunners or Rattlers today.  I have seen both before on my hikes.  I think it was just too warm for them.

 So many trails, so little time.

First flowers of the season

I was hoping for more flowers.  I was either too early or we just didn't get enough rain.  I did see a few and lots of plants with buds so there is hope.

Today's trail choice.
The trailhead is just a block away from my house.  When I am hiking by myself I choose to walk an extra .5 miles to a trailhead that goes directly under the 51 freeway.
Going under the freeway

At the trailhead

Even with the disappointment of no roadrunner or rattlesnakes and the minimal amount of flowers it was a beautiful hike.  If you are ever in Phoenix you have to look up Dreamy Draw Park and give it a try!

Selfless Selfie


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