Monday, April 7, 2014

Media deception: You don't need 99% of the stuff "they" try to sell you!!!

Have you noticed how the media makes you think that you need stuff.  All kinds of stuff.  Some of it is useful but some of it is just silly!
These disposable hand towels are a perfect example of stuff that you don't need.  People have been using terrycloth towels in their bathrooms for decades and I have never heard of anyone becoming sick or dying from a disease contracted from a towel!  I don't even want to start with the environmental repercussions of this.  Not just the waste but also the carbon footprint from the factory.  I change my hand towel daily depending on use.  It adds about 5 to 7 small towels to my laundry that I am already washing anyway.  UGGGGH!  Just use a towel people don't buy into this unnecessary product.
I don't use paper towels in the kitchen either.  I think they are wasteful and again unnecessary.  I went on a quest for a inexpensive green alternative and was a bit disappointed because cloth napkins can be very expensive.  I was at the $.99 only store and came across packages of mens hankies.  They came 6 in a package and I bought 6 packages.  I put them into a half gallon mason jar and use them as napkins and for small messes in the kitchen.  If I have a big mess I use a dish cloth.  I toss them into a small basket under the sink and throw them into the wash.  They don't take up any more room or add any extra work except for cramming them into the jar once they are clean.  Works like a charm.  I do keep some paper towels on hand for biological animal happenings but that's all I use them for.  Oh and as far as my dish cloth being filled with germs as the media warns us about, I just use one per day let it dry out and toss it into the under the sink basket.  

These suckers are a HUGE pet peeve of mine!  Frozen PB&J are you kidding me?  I am sorry but you have to be a special kind of lazy if you can't get out a loaf of bread, peanut butter and jelly and make a sandwich for your kid. Seriously?  UGH!  Things make me so mad.  Not to mention the ingredients.  Subway's yoga mat bread, yup it's in there along with high fructose corn syrup and a myriad of other chemicals. This is lazy America at it's finest!!!  If you want cute shapes head over to your favorite big box store, they sell cute sandwich cutters and you can make your own!!!  

As far as what I use to clean my sink and stove?  I use baking soda and soap.  My grandmother did it.  It left our stovetop spotless when I was growing up and it does the same for my sink and stove today.  I found the little shaker at the dollar store.  You can use a parmesan cheese container too but the one I have is paper and the lid did not screw off so I just picked up the one at the store. Sprinkle a little in you sink or on your stove and put a little dish soap on your sponge and clean away!!!  No harsh chemicals is a bonus!!!

The media is just doing it's job.  The ad companies are just trying to make a buck.  You don't have to put money into their pockets.  Stop buying stuff that you don't need!  Save your money, the environment and keep chemicals out of your house and out of your body!  I read on a blog the other day, "Think before you buy, do I really need this?"  

Give it a try.  I am sure you have baking soda in you kitchen right now!  

What useless products do you avoid?  What is your "green" alternative?  Please share in the comments.

Remember: Stay Quirky my friend


  1. Agreed! I've started using old ratty t - shirt squares as paper towels and cleaning cloths. I also clean almost everything with vinegar these days.

    1. Me too! I have been using vinegar since I had the allergic reaction to my laundry soap. I found a recipe that I like. I just toss orange peels into a jar and cover with vinegar and leave it for two weeks. Then I dilute it a bit with water and put it in a spray bottle. Works great and it got rid of the ants in my kitchen! Bonus!!!

  2. I believe it was on the Food Babe site, possibly somewhere else, that had the Uncrustables listed as one of the worst foods out there. At the last school I taught at, they would give them to the kids for lunch.

    1. ACK! That's awful! I can't believe they would just give them that. But I guess it's no different than fish sticks and chicken nuggets. We had a kid at my old school that would bring coke and cookies for lunch, that's it. When we talked to the mom about it she said that was all he would eat. Sheesh!
      Thanks for your comments!!! :)