Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bad Guts, But Knitting Makes it Better

Many of you know that I have Crohn's disease. What is it? 
Watch this. It is a great video about the disease.

There now that you understand a bit about my disease I will let you know just a little bit of how I am on a daily basis.
I wake up and don't feel well. If I decided to get out of bed on my first feeling when I wake up I never would get out of bed. That doesn't work well if you want to have a life so I get up. Drink some coffee and reassess. Most days I go to work and live. Some days after work it's all I can do to drive home and plop on the couch. 
I spend most days in the bathroom at least 10 times. Makes for a fun work day when you depend on someone coming to give you a potty break. I usually have a fever by the time 2PM rolls around. 
Once in awhile I have pain so bad that a trip to the ER is in order. Usually followed by many tests  and the diagnosis is bowel blockage. In goes the NG tube. (pictured up top) and the "is it going to fix itself" game starts. If all goes well I go home in a few days. If not, it could become a month long stay in the hospital. 
The disease impacts me daily. Many don't understand and that's okay as long as I don't hear the words "but you don't look sick". When I hear that I want to shove my colonoscopy result photos in their face. 

My usual self is pretty upbeat. I try not to be one of those folks that goes on and on about having a disease and how much their life sucks. I know many others that have it much worse than I do. I try and keep it into perspective. 

My latest addition to my stash
Oopsy Emu  Egg by Expressions Fiber Arts
So beautiful!!! 

Yarn saved my life!
Or at least my sanity!
I started out using a knitting loom and within a week I was on needles. I fell in love. I can knit and for that moment I am not a girl with Crohn's. I am an fiber artist! I love it and I truly believe that it heals me like no medication can. 
I can sit and knit when I am in the hospital, at doctors appointments, when I am home sick or (my favorite) in hangouts with friends from around the world. There have not been many days where I have not been able to knit because I was too sick. 
Not only has knitting given me a way to relax and destress but also because of online communities I have found new friends around the Globe to knit with. 
The Knitting Lodge is a wonderful place where people come to share there projects, ask questions, share ideas and have virtual knit nights using Google Hangouts.  Because of this community I have met new friends that I trust will be lifelong! This community truly makes the world smaller and we all have one thing in common. YARN!
The encouragement and friendships I found within this community get me through some truly tough times and have opened my world up to so much. 


I cannot express how much community and knitting have helped in healing. Perhaps not the disease itself but in the production of beautiful fiber art and friendships that, for a moment, make my world not so "sick". 

If you have a chronic illness or just want to make some new friends I suggest that you find a Google Community that you can connect with .  The World will not seem so large when you begin to have Global friendships.

Stay Quirky my Friends
Until next time. 


  1. Thank you for this, Becky. Thank you for the mention, but more so, thank you for sharing your story so openly, and encouraging others to look up. Thank you for sharing how to find hope, a way to cope with a brutal illness in a healthy, inspiring way. So glad we met on our virtual knit nights, and for the friendships that now span the globe.

    1. Thanks Christina!
      It truly has been a blessing. I have made some wonderful friends and a a new group of folks who support me not only with my knitting adventures but also with my Crohn's. You have done a good thing with the community and I look forward to see where it goes next.

  2. I totally get this! For a different reason, but you've captured exactly how I feel about crochet! I am bipolar and I have an anxiety disorder, and some days, it's all I can do to "person". but those days are made better by crochet!