Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Knit one Purl two

felted bag

So much knitting. 
I digress. First thank you, thank you for reading when I have been the biggest non blogger ever! Lots of "life" has been happening and blogging has not been part of that. 
No more! I will, no, I am blogging again. 

seedling hat

My goal of this post is to catch you up on my obsession.
I kint if I am not working, hiking or camping, Confession, If I could combine work, camping and hiking with knitting I would. Perhaps I have.
I have another confession. Knitting is a passion but you cannot knit without yarn right? 
My name is Becky and I am a Yarn-aholic! I just cannot stop!
Again I digress. 
Now onto the purpose. Finished objects, or FOs as us knitters like to call them. 
I love the process that produces a beautiful product.

spliced hat
This fun cable/colorwork hat took second place at the Maricopa County Fair.

my first sock

So I had a great fear of socks. Kind of a silly fear. This was my first sock. It's a little big. I am still perfecting it but I did it and I will knit more!!!

my first sweater
I did it. I made a sweater. 

appletini MKL
This was my first Mystery Knit Along. Each week you get a clue to knit and as you knit the beautiful pattern reveals itself.

As you can see these fingers have been busy knitting away. More to come
Until then,
Stay Quirky My Friend

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